Origin of cosmos may not be entirely physical

Edgar Nichol, the 11th scientist who landed on the lunar plane and founder of the Nautic Science Institute, after returning from his lunar journey, has begun to believe and say that — the substance of the universe is formed by the origin of a consciousness stream have emerged is not physical. The restrictions that matter has to be tied and remain in the full discipline. It is not just a coincidence but part of important world order.

In this direction, psychologist Dr Carl Simanton has established a resource-rich hospital, in which the principles of psychotronics have been implemented in the new foundation of medicine. This is different from the prevalent mental therapy. These days, the rituals are considered to be the base ghost in the monsoon. In the new experiment, the process of hinting at self-indication, which has been going on with the help of hypnotism representations in the past, is much further than that. In this, the communication of thought – as power and medicine is entered into the patient’s body and brain. Looking at the results, the conclusion is being reached that the idea communication system is second to none in comparison to other medical methods prevalent. The proportion of its encouraging results is not the same as the success of other treatments but in the foregoing.

Dr Stone, who is engaged in more diligent research efforts in this field, has concluded that the brainstem test results have revealed that the left side of the human brain is busy in meeting his personal needs and the right part is keeping pace with this elaborate universe. And the exchange keeps making. He is also affected by the contact and environment and he also affects it. Normally this process runs in the same small circumference so that the person having a small personality can be able to get convenience and security in a way that suits his limited desires. But it is possible to develop this perimeter. There is every possibility that if a person’s consciousness can develop itself to a more advanced state, then one can reap the benefits that can be gained from being influenced and influenced by the environment. According to Stone’s statement, a lot of the basis of art, culture, philosophy and convictions depends a lot on this right part of the brain. This right part of the brain of those who show psychic ability — the cerebrum — has been found to be more capable, affable. It is to this part that the credit for knowing the secrets and developing the miraculous characteristics of being able to do wonders. The abilities of this field can establish their closeness with extensive material wealth when developed from the physical field, and the area of ​​knowledge and action cannot become limited but become infinite. In the same way, the noun and reverence of human beings have been given to those who have the internal capacity.

Neuro Scientist Dr CarlPribram and Physicist Prof. David Broham have delved into the deepest mysteries of the individual and the universe. They call him an inexplicable feeling of a wonderful truth. The statements of the two are similar: the human brain is a small molecule form of this Nikhil universe. Its dormant institutions can be awakened by meditation-meditation-like therapies. By its own resolution, a ‘cyclotronic laser beam’ can be created in this region. It can enter the field considered to be incomplete in the metrics and get an opportunity to achieve something that will make the present capacity of man infinitely more advanced.

Like the physical prosperity of the average person, internal capacity is also limited. But this limit is not irrefutable. A person can continuously strive towards becoming infinitely infinite from order. This vastness eliminates the difference between world power and self-power, and the opportunity for everyone to see oneself in all can be available not only in terms of sentimentality – on the basis of facts. The union of the soul and the divine – culminating in the Narayana form of the male – like spirituality, with the goals of development-oriented self-power, is completely ingrained.

Biographical power — the fields of conscious power and matter-energy have been able to establish mutual intimacy to a certain extent in the past, but now it is likely that the three can be treated as mutually complementary and relevant, and the achievement of one will make the other two streams Make people more capable and overcome the absence problems. The next steps can also reveal the situation that apart from the ocean of consciousness, there is nothing else in this universe. The visible nature of the independent existence of beings is of the same level as that of the waves landing on the sea surface. Their visible separation is unreal and intermediate unity real. Upon reaching this conclusion, both Vedanta and science become one. A new research stream has emerged in the form of Psychotronics for integrating philosophy and materials science. It’s innovative rendering, analysis is as complex as experiment and conclusion-relativism. It may seem difficult these days to understand them properly, but the door to these possibilities is definitely open that the principle of considering consciousness as the basic ghost power of the world can be accepted. If this can happen, then the credit to physics is not less than these days, but more spiritual will be received.

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