To perform your righteous duty

When God created man, it was expected from human beings to make his own ideal life so that his life would succeed itself as well as the family, society and era in which he belongs that they could also maintain their actions in a systematic manner. From this point of view, the goal of religion is to develop divinity in man. Every person of the earth should behave in such a way that his life should be well-organized, well-planned, if he does not behave in a manner contrary to religion, he can reach divinity.

Human development and emergence is the ‘personal’ element of religion. The sacramental form of religion is also determined. If every human being behaves in the manner prescribed by religion, adopting virtues like non-violence in his life, then this ‘individual test’ property of man becomes ‘collective test’. When all human beings start to practice righteousness, then if there is no religion, then this religion will become conspicuous. That is why our sage sages have been of the opinion that if the person improves, the society also changes. Society is formed by the person — the person makes the society — so if every person makes himself pious, the whole society and era will also become righteous. This is also the goal of religion – in human form man should become divine and in the whole world, this earth should become heaven.

From this point of view, perhaps ‘religion’ itself has been considered to protect the people or the people. There are two forms of religion like this. The first is that religion is an element of human behaviour, it is a form of ‘humanism’ of religion. Another form of religion is ‘social’. Religion in its second form forms the basis of social status. In the individual form, if religion was adopted by human beings and made their personal life as religious, then in religious form this religious devotion creates such a social situation that by which the socio-cultural nature of man remains organized, then the whole society becomes such The sense of ‘one for all and one for all’ prevails. This form of religion is heard in the political and economic sphere as ‘Equality’ ‘Socialism’. At some time, the beliefs of a religion in a particular and particular society – if all the components of that society start adhering to ‘Righteous Duty’ when moral values ​​are fixed, then ‘Righteous Duty’ will also protect the whole society because only one part of the society In the event of a disaster, the other constituents consider their religion to be their ‘religion’. In the same way, the efforts of the developed class to promote the weaker section of the society are considered as ‘Righteous Duty’ duty. When there is a natural outbreak on the society or nation or any section of it, people belonging to other classes are motivated by duty to sacrifice something for the relief of the other brothers of their society. With this view, this form of religion is universally accepted that religion protects people and society.

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