The blend of religion and science

Sir James Jeans has also stated in his book ‘The New Background of Signs’ – ‘The legal system we find in creation is described in the language of Idealism – explained with great clarity and simplicity.’

Scientists have now come to the conclusion that we will never be able to fully know nature while discussing reality and appearances. Its original form will always be unknown because as soon as we try to ‘know’, we start to ‘disturb’ it. That is why the great scientist Heisenberg has proposed the principle of uncertainty. He clarified that through any medium, then whether it is light, energy or anything else, as soon as we contact any part of the matter, we disturb the natural nature of it. Thus, what is the true form of an electron can never be known. When we test the position and velocity of electrons with the help of light by microscopic devices, this association of light will definitely affect the natural state of the so-called ‘electron’. Then the tools used for testing are also a part of the same creation, which is trying to know the secret of that ‘creation’. The connectivity of these devices cannot allow the fraction being tested to be natural. Thus, knowledge of real power is impossible through experiments. The scientific method of understanding the nature of the world is limited to sensory knowledge. The information collected by microscopic instruments is provided to the brain only by the senses. In the macro-visual world to understand the reality, our senses are deceived equally, the brain also keeps on delving on foot. It is clear that when it is not possible to draw the right conclusions about the direct world on these grounds, then in the invisible micro-world, our boundaries are clear. From the tools and information collected by the instruments in the explanation of molecule structure, the mathematical basis is based on the assumption of shelter, only then some conclusions can be drawn. For, the basis of the essay has to be expanded more. Science efforts have started in this direction. Well, if we call religion ‘imperfect science’ and science ‘imperfect religion’. While these synonyms do not touch their personal characteristics at all, they also bring out their imperfections and interdependencies and remove our misconception that one of them is dominant and dominant, and the other is secondary and antagonistic.

The reality is that human creation has both self-realization and selfless elements. Life can be well organized, balanced and advanced by the combination of both. Only proportionate coordination of both science and material science can fill ihloka and the hereafter with enthusiasm and prosperity and satisfaction and joy. Such intelligent yoga of religion and science — that is, of the soul and non-aspects — that of the divine and the illusion — that of self-welfare and of the world welfare — is practical and just.

The activities of the religion and science fields of the past and present time are indicating that the process of collapsing the artificial walls between them has started. In the past, the science condemned by religion and punished science today is shaking hands with religion and giving it its scientificness, on the other hand, the eternal principles of religion have brought to the foremost scientists the thought of moving towards the pursuit of ultimate truth and the pursuit of human welfare. Successful motivation. Discovery of basic laws of nature, parapsychology etc. are going to be bridged between religion and science. Symptoms are beginning to appear that scientific religion proclaiming one soul of all humanity is developing in the future womb. Various specialized sciences are also moving towards converting into a science. It is to be hoped that such a coordinated science will be able to prove itself and religion as two interrelated sides of the same larger truth. Religion and science, which inter-connected and nurture each other, ie scientific religion and religious science, have a great need in today’s world. Only after his emergence and action, can the fantasies of world peace and world-brotherhood become meaningful.

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