Seperation b/w people and state is needed


Today, as the government goes on entering every aspect of life and gradually the way the person is going to become the puppet of the state, no microscopic person who understands the closely can even imagine a religion completely separate from politics.It is not possible for religion to survive in adverse politics. This is in front of everyone how the religiousness of communist countries like Russia, China, etc. happened. Where did the political adversity bring the Lamas, who ruled Tibet’s religion, and beat them? How much is the Christian Church progressing on the coronation, and how much did the royalty help the development of Islam in the Middle Ages? Only a fool can turn his eyes from these facts.


Knowing these facts, why do we and our organization do not enter politics, people in respect of this are criticized and urge us to rectify the mistake. They know that we can be very successful in entering the system of governance.

Therefore their agility etc. is also high. This sequence has been going on for many years and has continued till we bid farewell and it may be that the family continues to grow and become stronger than the present order, then such pressure should continue on it.

In this context, our brain is very clean. Like glass, it has complete cleanliness. After much thought and contemplation, we have come to a conclusion and have been able to formulate our own independent policy without cloak, concealment and duplication. We will not enter politics directly but will play an important role in influencing politics and will continue to do so till the end. If your organization does not completely dispel its influence and light, it will have to continue on this path.

Political System of India

All are generally dissatisfied with the current political system of India. The activities of the policies and the functioning of the system. What could have happened in a long period of several years did not happen after attaining independence. Even the talk of so-called economic progress is hollow in view of foreign debt and increasing unemployment poverty leading to war. The moral level has dropped from top to bottom. The tendency towards xenophobia and crime has flourished.

The poor are made poorer and the rich are richer. Along with the growth of education. In the regime, the trend of doodling and bribery has gone much further and so much has happened. Which produces darkness, not light before the eyes. Each of us is worried and saddened by this political and administrative failure. The ruling classes themselves also accept these failures from time to time. Those who have more anger, they hear examples of regime-actors condemning in bitter words, and propose. The removal of such a party and handing over the rule to such a party.

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