Science alone is incomplete

How incomplete science is as an independent entity is also reflected in the statement by James Jeans – ‘Science is dumb and deaf.’ He comes to you with penicillin on one of his palms and an atomic bomb on the other. Now it is up to you what you like and picks up. ‘This means that science does not give any advice related to elections, nor does it want to hear the complaints of wrong results.

Where to get the right guidance then? In this state of confusion, dharma-realism extends a helping hand. He presents the criteria of truth, justice and public order. Whatever the claims of the natural sciences can withstand these criteria, they are only acceptable, the rest is perishable. Whenever religious science will be prevalent in the world, the above criteria will determine the directions of research.

How valuable and useful a substance is, it has no value only when the conscious creature gives it that kind of recognition. Otherwise diamond and coal are almost the same levels in terms of the object. Iron is more effective than gold in terms of utility, but it has increased its value by the same proportion of what man has given. Substances cannot prove their usefulness on their own. It is human intelligence that seeks them and makes them useful. The importance of consciousness is more than that of the development of science itself is also a reaction to intelligence skills. In such a situation, not accepting the original existence of consciousness, believing it to be a movement created by the incorporation of the root body, proves that scientists have only half-finished the area in which they have stored all their exploration process. Talking about science, it would seem that only the root substances are used as a means of its discovery. The instruments through which the movements of nature are detected and the available knowledge are used are themselves made of inert matter. Its grip and reach can only work to its limits. Brain-conscious conscious sensible knowledge is pure physics. This is called mind. It is its job to get information and search. The framework of scientific investigation is created with the help of intelligence and investigative tools. In such a situation, the true nature and force of consciousness cannot be revealed. In its manifestation, that part of consciousness has to be used which is called inner, the higher mind, inner soul, imperceptible element. Element philosophy has been invented for this purpose only. It is possible to get the knowledge of the consciousness element with the help of psychic knowledge, ignoring it, the science which is being used in work should be called incomplete.

Scientific thinker Eddington has put many questions here on the belief of science that he can accurately describe things. In his book, ‘The Philosophy of Physical Science’, he has said that when we discuss the properties of molecules or elements, these properties cannot be considered the only real properties of those molecules or elemental elements, but rather so those are the properties, which we have imposed on those molecules or mystical elements by our observation method. Thus Eddington concludes that the world that science describes is even more self-testifying, while the so-called materialists or scientific materialists insisted that spiritualists have a total sense of subjectivity, not objectification. And objective thinking is possible only by science.

Eddington has explained his point by an example. He says that the way a fisherman catches some fish, he then describes – that the fish are like this. Now, this description of the fisherman only applies to the fish he has caught. In the same way, world-related knowledge of physics can only be applied to those things, which we can bring to our senses, devices and intelligence. Thus what we call a general statement or law of nature in physics is a description of a world that depends on our own perception.

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