Religion is love, truth and reality

Various religions, sects and promises begin with a view to correct personal and societal mistakes. The main purpose of all the promises is the welfare of the person and the creation of a beautiful society. But their mothering makes a person mad. This is called fallacy and fascination. We forget that the use of medicine is for healing, not for attachment. All ideas are expected to make themselves and society beautiful and enjoyable.

The point of view which is praised by tearing the throat, if it could not become useful in driving the soul on the way to the world welfare, then its change is natural. Religion is love, truth and reality. This is the basic religious view of unity and equality. The new approach to religion is the rendering of this universal religion. Unnecessary opinions and communal discrimination and hypocrisy must now be forgotten and this new approach of religion has to be implemented in the practice of life. Otherwise, due to wrongdoing, infidelity, absence, ill-health, the problem of various problems will present the picture of the destruction of the entire human civilization.

We know that the divine sense of religion is also present in human conscience. The purpose is to drink the nectar of the realization of the ultimate truth and to make self-introduction – to burn harmony according to the wisdom by burning the monolithic flame.

The goal of the soul is the attainment of eternal joy. This is the demand of immortality. Rivers run towards the sea due to not being content with themselves. There is no rest in one place. This reaction is going on in every atom of the world. Nobody gets satisfaction in themselves. Root and conscious are all moving to perfection. Everyone seems to be constantly working to dissolve their self into a great entity.

This is the process of the individual soul. He does not get eternal happiness in the person. Devotion to service is essential for the holy touch of the divine God. The secret of life and death is unveiled by the tendency to self-contemplate. He gets the impression that the human being has all the conditions here, on the support of which he can easily complete his development journey.

A good way to establish love and intimacy with God is that we start practising it with family. Treat the truth with everyone in the world. Keep justice and be tolerant. After abandoning the egoism of selfishness. This leads man to great. This new approach is an essential requirement of the era.

A person with such a religious outlook would not be foolish to misuse human life available after thousands, millions of lives, in trivial self-interest. It is obvious that it is superior to the animal or bird due to knowledge or religious feeling.

The basic purpose of religion is to achieve that ultimate goal by turning life in the spiritual direction. The progress of theism can be progressed in that direction and the knowledge of righteousness gives us the courage and courage to remain dutiful and fight on every front of the struggle of life. Religion has all the elements of gentleness, decency, duty devotion and vigour which any person can take shelter of and become prosperous in their personal life. Living in the spiritual direction of happiness and peace, you can move towards achieving your life goals. This is also the basic purpose of religious philosophy.

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