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Wealth, education, art, science and smartness are increasing, but the character strength is decreasing. Governance systems in the world are becoming more powerful, but their speciality is decreasing, due to which the inspiration and hope are communicated in the public. Today, while all the means of public life are going into the sphere of influence of politics, it is necessary that the level of personality, character and spirit of its leaders and directors is so high that people are demoted with reverence, not with fear, and following them Start doing it. With this, true progress can be communicated in public life.

If this area remained weak, could not be tied to the cat’s neck, then the situation of corruption would remain as it is. The public will continue to blame the government and the government will continue to blame the people. The problem where there will be a problem.

Task of Governance

The task of governance is to prevent imperfection and increase resources.n order to fulfil these responsibilities. The state employees should be extremely loyal, impolite, fair and dutiful towards justice and law. His character and being highly idealistic can be a guarantee of happiness and peace of the people.

If that ruling class ignores its duties and responsibilities, then the faith of the people will diminish from justice and in every region, there will grow evil, corruption will increase, bribery will take place and the wicked people will oppress the people by favouring the authorities. Will steal taxes and fearlessly commit many kinds of crimes. If all measures of prevention of crimes are to be weighed on one side and the duty of state employees on the other, honesty of the employees will prove to be more important. In the absence of this, many types of schemes can continue to deteriorate, but the public interest will not be able to solve the problem properly.

Power of Politics

The power of politics is certainly important. His well-being can be absolutely creditable to the public. In the countries of the world which have flourished these days, there is a great credit for the able governments there. It is necessary for politicians to have knowledge, skill, ability, ability, without which the system of governance cannot run properly. But even more important is the honesty of the rulers. If they are loyal to the ideals, are observing a vow of purity and service in their personal life.

Good Governance

Then their works will be a source of great interest to the people even if they are less qualified. On the contrary. If they are lazy, pompous, greedy, egoistic and selfish, then even their greatest ability will prove to be meaningless. Not only this, his personality will prove to be harmful and burdensome to the public. It is but natural for any country to be promising growth under the shadow of good governance.

The biggest criterion of good governance can only be the devotion to the truthfulness and ideals of the rulers. Where there will be a deficiency in this fact, no matter how attractive the published announcements and policies are.

Those who are interested in politics have a duty to try to generate honesty and idealism in every field of administration. The policies and announcements of each of the political parties are good.Policies cannot go bad for either party. Different countries of the world have progressed by adopting different types of programs. In this development, not the policies but the sanctity of the system has been the main reason. People corrupt by ideals adopt any system of governance, declare any method, nothing will come out.

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