Humanism and protection of society

Considering these two elements of religion – humanism and protection of society, the concept of religion remains fixed. By perception, it means the behaviour-life system, the code of conduct, which should be considered as the ‘religion’ form and accordingly it should be practised by human beings only. From this point of view, the ‘perception’ of the society towards religion should be such that it is compatible with personality sophistication, individual welfare as well as social perspective. Here ‘Righteous Duty’ can not be considered as ‘Righteous Duty’ any kind of labour done for the purpose of subsistence.

Religion is the foundation of human society and culture. According to this base-ghost element, the ‘auspicious’ and ‘welfare’ of the world rests. The welfare of the world and the ‘auspicious’ religion of human beings lies only in dignified practices. Due to its universal nature, the ‘religion’ of the whole world is only one, which can be called anything like the world religion-human religion. Normally, the senselessness of this universal form of religion has been accepted by the mindless people because of the diversity of worship system, method of worship, types of rituals, etc. followed by many sects, castes, classes of ‘religion’ – these sects are considered religion only. . Actually, religion is only one. The different methods which are prevalent to reach the goals of ‘Righteous Duty’ are not ‘Righteous Duty’ but Religion. Religion is like an ocean and there are cult rivers which merge directly or indirectly in this ocean coming from different places and directions. If these rivers are considered an ocean by illusion and start beating the importance of their own ocean, then the river cannot become a sea after beating. Religion has only one goal – ‘Truth’, ‘Beautiful’ means such practices which are true, auspicious, well-being and beautiful. For the achievement of this goal of religion, various ways – a system of worship, worship, rituals etc. are prevalent in different sects. In any of these sects, a particular method seems to be more effective.

Religion is an eternal entity. Religion is universal power. Religion has an entity whose power and limits are limitless. He is many times more extensive and powerful than the state. In its small geographical area, the state works only within a certain periphery, but the field of religious power is the whole world and its power is irrational. Every human being in the world is a subject of this religion, and every human is also its own ruler. The field of religion power is not only human but only the physical body, but also extends to his mind, thoughts, nature, qualities and his soul. If every human being associates himself under this power, remains in the discipline of this power, makes his virtue, his karma nature, then he himself becomes ruling.

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