How could governing body becomes excellent?

The question arises as to how these governing machines become excellent? Then the matter came back again. Government employees do not descend from the sky. They are children of the public. Their mental level and character have been cast on the basis of what they have seen, heard, understood and experienced in the society related to their home and family.

It is meaningless to hope that they forget all those rites and become deities as soon as they get a job. Similarly, it is futile to expect the short-sighted public who are attracted by the temptation of money-selling, caste-caste parties, personal or territorial gains, to choose those who are well-deserved and idealistic, but looting or misleading not able to adopt handcuffs. \

Power of The Parties

Change of power of the parties, it creates something – does not deteriorate. In the last few decades, no party has had a monopoly. Several parties formed separate or united governments. They too did not present a different ideal, in the mud which was dragging on the big parties, there were also rattles. The truth is that nothing can happen under these circumstances. The enlightened Lokmat came without awakening – Ram came, Ram cannot be stopped. The present round of temptation and terror to convert minority into majority and majority into minority will continue till eternity, if the MLAs-MPs do not fear the anger and obstruction of their people.


In the same way, if any government comes to power, if their ministers will work for their constituents from the government machine for their region, then they will also have to be allowed to exercise their interests with those parts. Then how will the administration be pure?

Basic Problem

This is the basic problem. The question of which party should form the government, which schemes to implement, are of less importance. The more important questions are how to conduct elections without spending, how to create a public standard to choose the right people? And how can the employees who have become part of the government machine reach home from home by becoming idealistic and spirit-filled? This problem is seen behind the scenes, but this is the most important. Without solving it, there will remain hollowness in the so-called progress.

The root of democracy is public. Where the level of the public will be high, democracy will be successful. If we like democracy, the essential condition of its success will be to raise the emotional and character level of the public as well. Otherwise, there will be nothing more than to keep complaining. At the time of attainment of Swaraj. Gandhiji was anxious to fulfil this need and was insisting that the Congress should not enter the government. But Dutt remained busy in maintaining the incomplete, but very important task of building the public.

Understand the Importance of The Supplementary Councils

Facts will remain the same. Necessity will remain. If one does not complete it, the other should set his shoulder. This is the creative way. We will continue to understand the importance of the supplementary councils of that war. After being adamant as a soldier who fought continuously for 12 years in the freedom struggle. We believe that without shedding the trinity of intellectual revolution, moral revolution and social revolution. A pilgrimage will not be made and our sins will not be cut off without bathing in it. The benefit of political freedom will be achieved only when the intellectual, moral and social fields are also made sacred and strengthened. Let him be freed from the loop of notoriety that creates paralysis.

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