Everyone need not to be politically correct

Why don’t we enter the field of politics?

People often keep asking a question ‘Why don’t we enter the field of politics?’ And why don’t they make the monarchy comfortable at their official government level? For which these days are doing so much help. ”This suggestion is due to the capacity and comprehensiveness of their respective organizations. Which the people who can evaluate the same feel that these days their system. Any political, social or No less intense and less powerful than the religious system.

Present Era

We have no objection in accepting the paramount power and importance of politics in the present era. We have no difficulty in accepting that governments can make astonishing progress if they are able to take the right steps, act wisely and be able to keep their systems in order. Japan, China, Russia, Germany, Arabia, Israel, etc., presented their intended types of change within a few days in their own way, amazing examples are out of this. We are not among those who willfully close their eyes on reality. Religion has no relation with politics, although others may have said it, we have never said these words.


History has taught us that the cooperation of politics is necessary for the establishment of religion and religion should be controlled by the political elephant. Both are not opposites, but complementary. In both, there is no tendency for neglect or non-cooperation, but the means of closeness and adulation should remain connected.

History is witness that the basis of enhancement in the happiness and happiness of the people, means cooperation between the two has been the main fact.

Guru Ramdas knew that religious discourses are not going to work; the establishment of good governance is also necessary. In reality; He led his principal disciple like Shivaji on this path. Not only did it move forward, but it also arranged to raise the necessary logistics, money and soldiers through its established 400 Mahavir temples. Shivaji could present the historical role of freedom struggle on the basis of that cooperation. Guru Nanak’s text in a way changed from the soldiers of freedom.

He presented the idea of ‘the garland in one hand and the spear in one hand’ and stated that the monarchy and theocracy should not be allowed to go in opposite directions. But the need to take their steps in one direction should be fulfilled at all costs. Banda Vairagi presented the example of a true spiritualist and emitted his omnipotence in an attempt to turn his political self towards political goodness.


God has a direct connection with religion, but he takes incarnations from time to time to change misrule, the main reason for the increase of iniquity. took direct command against misrule. The phenomenal sequence of such elimination and change is predominant in his pastimes. The avatars may have also shown other characters, but the main purpose for which they had to come was to make the power of unrighteousness suitable to establish the religion. What is going to happen next without hindrance, his vision will also be on the establishment of good governance.

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