Communist beliefs on religion | Part-2

Many of the fugitives try to hide in the so-called spirit realm. It is not useful for the general public to think of solitary hymns and thinking of finding peace. It is a matter of scientific exploration and practice. Being immersed in the deep sea of ​​subtle supernatural power and finding the precious gemstone from there is an important task to make a courageous submarine, but it becomes when the mind is first captured And even in solitude, the joy of the colour stage started coming. This time is practicable and practicable. It is not the beginning of maturity. Those who seek solitude in the beginning and think of attaining samadhi on the very first day make a huge mistake. On entering the gymnasium, who becomes the wrestler who wins the riot, and on whose second day of strip worship, in whose hands is the graduation certificate obtained? Some people run away from this child intellect for self-cultivation. For this, their preparations are not done, the enthusiasm that is there is also not reverential – the fear of the horrors of the struggle for life has resulted from the escaping mindset of hiding somewhere. There is neither reverence nor depth in it. As a result, the mind does not feel there either. There is a new confusion in the teacher of being ridiculed in return.

Some people do not run away from home to do bhajan but carry a strange kind of sadness. It is disinterested, but it is not said or understood. To become indifferent to one’s duties and dependents. The dysfunction arising out of sadness is also overshadowed. In order to fill the vacancy that arises in life in this way, many people seek a new shelter like Puja recitation, Satsang, Sadhu Sangam. If serious steps had been taken in that matter, then the eternal process of Karmayoga was already in place. By adopting it, like his Arjuna, Hanuman, etc., the bipartisan duty-religion could be well observed. The coordination of the world and the hereafter is completely practical as well as simple and succulent.

Responsibilities such as self-refinement in personal life, nurturing of colleagues in family life, support of perspectives in social life are present to everyone. They should be maintained properly. On all these three fronts, one must be introduced to the skill of karma, the courage of bravery – the balance of wisdom. It is an effort to remove the mind from them and explain the mind by wandering in the imagination world, which does not serve any purpose. Problems are more intractable due to inheritance and the more disturbance that was going on in the past increases even more. Where is the solution that the mind went on to find, where is it found in the trails filled with disorientation? Those who have imagined to be helpful in getting rest, the policy of neglect, indifference, they have got frustrated after the experiment.

Often in the grip of escapism caused by cowardice, many people cover the religion and face problems related to practical life. Such religions become universally unpardonable. There are achievements in every field by doing labour. If the person does not produce any subjective sharpness on entering the field of religion, then his futility will be easily estimated. It will spontaneously react badly to viewers and observers. The blame of immaturity of the gods will be blamed on religion on righteousness. It is seen that people discussing religion get depressed with their relatives. Drawing hands from responsibilities makes them even more deformed — as well as becoming frustrated, inactive for themselves. Wherever they live, they also create an atmosphere of dullness. The community in which you live – people with whom you can live in close proximity should get the benefit of mutual affection, cooperation, humor, enthusiasm. Without it, the duty associated with co-subsistence is disregarded. A mother who herself is depressed and imposes sadness on her children on her husband, on the family, she persecutes him at the same time, even if she looks innocent and innocent. Here the example of the woman has been filled. This can apply to every male and female neglected child, aged child. In co-life, it is unfair from every point of view to lose interest in peers, relaxing their duties towards them. Even if the guise of righteousness is not taken for this? It is not necessary to adopt a monotonous and devoid of responsibility in order to maintain the religion. It can be played relatively well with succulence and activism.

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