Communist beliefs on religion | Part-1

Newaya Zhijan

On December 3, 1905, published from Soviet Russia, pages 83 to 87 of the letter ‘Newaya Zhijan’, the father and leader of the communist doctrine of the then Soviet Union, N. Lenin termed socialist principles as the main obstacle in the implementation of religion and condemned religion as ‘opium pill’. Today, in communist principles, the above statement is accepted by giving paramount importance, and by the inspiration of these words, communist countries not only disregard the disregard of the religious element which beliefs in communism theory.

Religious Thoughts

The rendering of the above thought stream was published in the form of Lenin’s ‘Religious Thoughts’ drama book, and till now the same beliefs continue to be refuted as religious beliefs and traditions.

Perhaps if one looks at those basic ideas, it will not take long to understand that there are historical reasons behind this belief of Lenin, they have been right in the situation at that time, but neither is there any truth in those ideas, compared to the true nature of religion is not weight.

European Countries

Like other European countries in those days, churches and their clergy in Russia were also sovereign. Any other evils of arrogance that a person with unlimited rights. The ego could have had in those priests. It was also the reason that public reverence for him was completely over. The burden of the fanaticism of the principles to maintain his suzerainty Loaded. In that case, any thoughtful could have the same reaction that happened in Lenin. In fact, Lenin’s voice was the reaction of the general public, due to which. There was a sudden rise in disbelief towards religion, there were an uproar and Russia became a communist country in a jolt.


On reading those entire ideas, again and again, there is not a single argument that cuts the theory of religion in principle. The fatalism that has been said to suppress economic social life may be the immediate brainchild of the priests, in fact, not only Hinduism but other religions also do not. Here we have been talked about making effort, social welfare, on the footsteps, the tradition of taking a large part of the property from the property owners is present in the whole world in the form of income tax, but it is really the contribution of the Indian government and society.

The relationship has been with religion, which has been the source of such a rigid communist thought stream in the practice of economic and material life. Taking that religion as a hindrance in progress is not only a mistake but also foolishness when religion is the name of a successful science process. Thus the hypocrisy is still no less in religion, the arrogance of blind faith and vested interests is still attached to that form of religion. Which makes a person an escapist, fatalist, heterodox not only to be blasphemy but also to be excluded but its philosophical side.

How disrespectful to every age, every age, every situation, and irreversible to every person. Which can be detrimental to human life can be seen anywhere as a lack of dignity in today’s social life and personal conduct. It is the job of the fugitives to make religion an escapee. Blasphemy can only be of that degree.

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