Atom: as we know it

When the smallest component of matter was considered to be an atom, it became very old. The atom has also been divided into several components like electron, proton, neutron etc. and has been replaced by a union operator.

Science has progressed progressively in the direction of discovering the basic unit of matter as compared to previous centuries and decades and now it has started to touch even the constituent community of consciousness. These days a new component has been recognized as the basic component of consciousness. He is named — Psychotron. The way in which the nature of this new discovery has come to the fore, the intermediate dispute of root-consciousness appears to be changing new positions in the near future. Therefore, that refinement has been given extraordinary importance. The focus of the science world on his discovery has been renewed and his research is getting recognized as an additional case. Its research has been considered as an additional stream called Psychatronic Science. Since the incident arose in the session of the International Council of Science on July 75, since then, a lot of work has been done in these three years and preparations are being made for a new definition of matter. And has found the basis for interconnecting human conscience. The visible difference between consciousness energy and matter-energy is very closely visible on this basis, it is also likely to prove to be indistinguishable.

In photography, pictures of the same substances were often seen with the help of eyes. What could be seen with the help of microscopic and visionary instruments should also be understood to be within the periphery of the eyes. The lens of the cameras is a copy of the eye. It is now possible to capture the fluctuations of sentiment effects on photographic plates based on Clarion photography under psychiatric science. From this success, it concludes that like heat, waves – sound, vibrations, and radio deformation, sentiment concentrations in this eternal universe also flow and reach specific targets and produce specific effects. If laser rays can reach the desired place and produce the desired effect, then it has also become the basis in favour of believing that thoughts and emotions can also affect the same person, the same thing. The shot of the gun reaches the floating mark in space and strikes. Radio telephones also form the role of personal conversation. Psychotronics, which can harmonize sentiments with substance, also promotes the possibility that sentiments can now be able to affect physical substances.

In traditional belief, there is so much known and believed that matter affects consciousness. Appropriate and inappropriate gestures arise in the brain through the path of vision through beauty and ugliness. Consciousness is also happy, unhappiness with other senses which also taste. Reactions of seasonal effects are experienced by the skin and they are loved and unpleasant. Injuries, etc., quench thirst like matter-related movements have an effect on the mind. Now new facts are coming in this way as if this power is also present in the consciousness so that the bodies of substances and animals can also be affected. If we get such evidence, it has been there before, but it was not possible to reach any recognition due to their lack of understanding.

The psychic ability is present in man and he sometimes gives such information which seems impossible given the available sensory power. Such incidents are either denied as deceit, delusion etc. Or they are released after being pushed into the trough of some unknown and uncertain by giving the name of a divine miracle. The research that has been done on the basis of parapsychology-metaphysics can be so well known that miraculous experiences and developments take place. They are not factual facts. Even then, it could not be known that on the basis of which laws of physics, it could be proved. If a psychic ability is recognized, but if its causes are not known, then it is a matter of great confusion. Till now the situation has remained the same.

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